Did you know... dirty water and sludge from scale and rust build-up in your heating system causes serious damage. It clogs the boiler’s tiny waterways, damaging the pump and heat exchanger – resulting in boiler breakdown. Sludge also collects in the pipework and at the bottom of radiators causing cold spots and clanging noises as the system fires up. Overall a dirty, sluggish heating system eats up more gas and costs even more money to run. Installing a new A-rated boiler on a dirty central heating system reduces its efficiency rating in just 6 days! Also, your boiler warranty can be invalidated if the system water is found to be dirty.

FlowSafe will restore your system and we'll do it properly, using TWO combined high performance systems that most use individually:

Fernox Powerflow MKlll system AND the Magnacleanse system, what the Powerflow does not force down the outside drain with its powerful pump and Fernox chemical cleaner, the Magnacleanse will collect with its strong magnetic filters, making our Power Flush the best around.

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